Designing for Print


Online media is everywhere, but print media is not dead. Clients and prospective buyers require brochures, newsletters, magazines, journals and even menus. Take aways and leave behinds give your customers an opportunity to look away from their monitors or phones and read more about your product or services off of a sheet of paper, simple as that. Direct mail postcard campaigns are an inexpensive, effective way to get your message out. Products have to be put into packaging and tradeshows and signage will always be around to reinforce your branding through another medium.


I help clients get the highest rate of return on their printing investment by designing clever, informative, eye-catching publications to reinforce company branding and awareness.


Electronic media may be king. But print will always be with us.


Please click above on print advertising, magazine and newsletter, brochure, direct mail and packaging and event links to view what I've designed for a wide range of clients.


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