There's a graphic designer on every corner. I get that.


Provide intelligent design. 

Meet deadlines.


Charge reasonable rates.


At Harvest Design I focus on selling your product or service through effective graphic communication, research, and by studying your competitors. As a senior-level designer, I understand how valuable it is to learn about your business by asking lots and lots of questions before the design process begins. Outstanding graphic design clarifies ideas, words and images to make them meaningful and eye-catching. It's simple, successful marketing solutions are those that are communicated clearly, receive positive client or buyer response and increase your profits.


My clients range from high-tech and manufacturing companies – to small and mid-sized businesses – to colleges, insurance companies and non-profits.


How can Harvest Design help your business?

Please take a look through my portfolio and see the many customers who have trusted Harvest Design to provide successful marketing efforts since 1994.


Thank you.


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“There are good reasons why Nancy has been my go-to person for design for nearly two decades. First, she provides high quality work. That's a must, of course. Second, I can rely on her to deliver on time, so that I can make client deadlines. Third, she charges a reasonable price. "  -  Dave K.

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